Sewer Repair

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Your home sewer lines are an intricate array of pipes that connect all sinks, tubs, and toilets to a main discharge line that is in turn connected to the neighborhood main line. Davis Plumbing knows the importance of sewer lines and how important they are at keeping you and your family safe while quickly removing waste from your home. Without it, your wastewater would have no place to go beyond the drainpipes in your home.sewer repair

Overtime, a sewer line can be clogged up from debris and blocked by tree roots that could lead to significant damage to the home, and an expensive sewer line repair or replacement. When this happen and you need sewer cleaning and services, Davis Plumbing is your go-to sewer experts. Here at Davis Plumbing, we have courteous and reliable crew that are experienced and equipped to clean and maintain all types of sewer and drainage systems.

If your sewer line needs repairs or replacement, call the professional experts of Davis plumbing at (530) 961-4100 or contact us online.


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