Water Heater Repair

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If you need a water heater repair or installed in your Davis home, Davis Plumbing can help you with that. Over time, your old water heater builds up sediment at the bottom, which reduces the amount available hot water for your home. That’s why regular maintenance is necessary. Our professional plumbers will make sure your water heater is operating safely and efficiently. When it comes to replacing your old water heater, we will give you options on what heater fits best for your home while keeping your budget in mind. We work on all makes and model water heater tanks include:water heater repair

  • Gas Water Heater
  • Electric Water Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Water Heater Repair, Replace & Installation

So call the water heater experts of Davis Plumbing today, and we’ll be happy to take care of your water heater repairs in the Davis and surrounding area. To learn more about us or to schedule water heater service with us, contact us online or call us at (530) 961-4100.


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